UK Mentor Coaching Programme – April 2024

TPC Leadership Mentor Coaching Programme: Elevate Your Coaching Skills with 1:1 and Group Mentoring

Are you looking to enhance your coaching abilities and achieve your desired level of credentialing? The TPC Leadership Mentor Coaching Programme offers you the professional support and guidance needed to take your coaching to the next level. According to the International Coach Federation (ICF), mentor coaching involves a collaborative, appreciative, and dialogued process of coaching and feedback. It is designed to increase your coaching capabilities, aligning with the ICF Core Competencies.

As a requirement for ICF credentialing, candidates must receive 10 hours of mentor coaching over a minimum period of three months. In the TPCL Mentor Coaching Programme, you will benefit from:

4 group mentor coaching sessions (1 hour and 45 minutes each)

Thursday 18th April 2024 @ 14.30
Thursday 6th June 2024 @ 14.30
Wednesday 24th July 2024 @ 14.30
Thursday 12th September 2024 @ 14.30

3 one-to-one mentor coaching sessions (1 hour each) These will be booked directly with your allocated mentor.

During the group mentoring sessions, you will have the opportunity to review and deepen your understanding of the ICF competencies. Through engaging in case studies, practicing coaching, and receiving valuable feedback, you will refine your coaching skills. In the one-to-one mentor coaching sessions, you will work closely with your mentor coach to review your coaching recordings with coachees, gaining valuable insights and personalised guidance.

For more information, why not arrange a call with us, or send an enquiry and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible. Or, if you’re ready to register onto the programme straightaway, just head over to the application form


Apr 18 2024 - Sep 12 2024




Biran Yilancioglu

Lead Facilitator

Biran Yilancioglu

Other Facilitators

Ruth Sangale