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Get beneath the surface of supervisory relationships

About this Programme

Joan Wilmot and Robin Shohet have been working with the Seven Eyed model for over thirty years. 

Supervision is “a reflective and relational way of looking, and also a container and process within which to do that,” say Robin and Joan.

“Our teaching draws on much of the learning from psychology, psychotherapy, group dynamics, intersubjectivity, appreciative inquiry and systems thinking. It is a map of the supervision process and enables both supervisor and supervisee to chart their work together. ”

The Seven Eyed approach to supervision is one of the most widespread models used by coaches. It is a map of the supervision process and enables both supervisor and supervisee to chart their work together. In applying the Seven Eyed approach, the supervisor is invited to employ different roles or styles at different times, attending to the processes that occur during supervisor-supervisee conversations.  

This one day event is an introduction to the Seven Eyed model for coaches of all levels. Attendance will count as a first step to complete the first 3-days module CSTD Certificate Course.

What to expect

An experiential course, our supervision programme quickly builds up a sense of safety and community to enable group learning to take place.

In this one day introductory training, Joan and Robin will:

  • look at aims and benefits of the supervisory relationships
  • visit and practice the seven modes of supervision, particularly looking at how the use of self can bring us deeper into relationships
  • address participants’ challenges and questions in relationship to their practice as supervisors and coaches


Robin and Joan Shohet have been supervising for over 40 years. They co-founded the Centre for Supervision and Team Development ( and Transformative Conversations.

ROBIN SHOHET is the author of In Love with Supervision and co-wrote Creating Transformative Conversations with Joan, which records their work together since the late 70’s. He sees supervision as spiritual practice, combining an inquiry into love and fear, exploring core beliefs, developing awareness and using appreciative inquiry.


JOAN WILMOT co-founded CSTD in 1979 and works as a trainer, supervisor, psychotherapist and mediator. Her particular interest is in working with systems and using organisational and family constellations work. She has been running supervision training and working with teams for over 40 years. Her passion is in enabling people to find the work they love and love the work they do.


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