ILM Level 5 & ILM Level 7 Certificates

Take your coaching practice to the next level

About this programme

We are registered with ILM to deliver both the level 5 Certificate in Effective Coaching or Mentoring and the level 7 Certificate for Executive and Senior Level Coaches and Mentors.

For those wishing to gain a qualification with ILM (UK only), the course delivers all the training and supervision required to enable students to complete the assignments set by ILM. Participants will need to practice their coaching outside of the workshops to achieve the required number of hours.


For You

The programme is practical, highly experiential and structured to suit the learning style, language and working needs of people operating in a modern business environment. You will join an inspiring learning community with leaders who are ready to:

  • engage in an authentic personal development journey
  • have a different kind of conversations with their people
  • integrate coaching in how they lead, manage relationships and communicate
  • clarify their visions and take them to action
  • believe in the potential of their people, their organisations and in their own
  • challenge and be challenged

The assignments are reasonably academic and are set by the ILM with precise requirements as to what they must contain. They are marked by our Faculty and participants will be given a full briefing during the programme as to what is expected of them.


TPC Leadership's unique methodology enables participants to gain the level of competency they need to work at the highest level with leaders and teams looking for extraordinary results. 

Our approach introduces you to the most effective models and tools from Behavioural, Transactional Analysis and Positive Psychology coaching. Moreover, we help develop the emotional intelligence necessary to align the coach’s inner and outer worlds and to manage the most challenging relational dynamic to produce deep-rooted transformational changes.

Participants can expect to:

  • receive all the training they need, leaving them to complete their coaching practice and complete their ILM assignments at their chosen level
  • be distinguished as a professional coach/mentor, working to rigorous and demanding standards
  • raise their personal credibility and professionalism
  • demonstrate they are continually developing and always improving

The programme is supported by access to our online learning system where materials for the programme can be found, along with an online community for your cohort.

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