Team Coach Training

Synergise the strengths of teams

About this Programme

Upgrade your skills and tools as a leader or coach of high-performance teams.

Our experience reveals team realities are often different from the popular imagination. They are made up of members who are rarely together at the same time and for whom the sense of connection can fluctuate between peaks of clarity and energy and moments of ambiguity and frustration.

Teams need to be engaged and aligned through direct and constant conversations with colleagues and stakeholders. They also need absolute clarity on the sense of mission and objectives underlying the existence of the team.

What are the benefits of team coaching?

Team coaching is the art of maximising a team's performance by increasing its ability to collaborate to achieve common goals. It supports teams in defining roles, values, purpose and strategic contribution - and facilitates them in positively managing change and transitions.

The following types of leaders often participate in our masterclass:

  • executives, managers and team leaders: to enable solutions, trust and high performance in team management
  • HR manager and business partner: to facilitate a change of organisational culture in team management
  • consultants and coaches: to support teams and companies

What to expect

You will develop your skills to manage team coaching interventions and learn how to intervene with different approaches based on the team’s fundamental needs.

You will learn to address the complexity of team leadership by systematically integrating emotions, relationship dynamics and business logic.

Participants should expect to:

  • explore how to translate your coaching skills and knowledge into a team context
  • learn new facilitation techniques, experimenting with group facilitation, team development and team building techniques and models
  • learn the fundamental dynamics and challenges in developing a team and how to intervene in different stages of its maturation
  • understand the fundamental disciplines of the teams and how to take them into consideration to design and implement effective team coaching and team development programmes
  • systematically integrate the relationships within the team with the conditions of the organisational context - processes, systems, structures, culture, guidelines - and understand how to act on the various levers to increase the team's performance

The course provides 20.5 hours of Coach Continuing Education Units for ICF accredited coaches (CC - 13.25 hours, RD - 7.25 hours).


The blended learning programme is delivered in a classroom setting over 3 consecutive days. 

Each workshop comprises discussions about the theories of team coaching, supported by practice sessions which are observed by our facilitators. You will practice your skills as a group facilitator and you will be invited to recognise and manage group dynamics related to team decision making. 

You’ll also be able to access our online learning system to find pre-session and post-session materials and an online community for the cohort.

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