Evolutionary Leadership Programme

Transform your leadership capabilities

About this Programme

Despite being everywhere, leadership remains a mystery to uncover and master for many of us operating in complex and turbulent environments. Often we hear questions such as:

"How can leadership be defined?"

"Why do we need it so desperately?"

"Why should anyone want to lead?"

Our Evolutionary Leadership Programme aims to answer these questions by looking at leadership through three lenses:

  • Leadership as a key function in a social system
  • Leadership as a relationship between leaders and followers
  • Leadership as a core set of skills and competencies that can be developed over time

The programme is a journey in which you'll explore self and develop emotional intelligence, with a highly practical approach that will help you develop systemic leadership capabilities. You'll be equipped to produce deep lasting transformations in your organisation and enable your people to thrive.

What to expect

ELP focuses on developing the cognitive capacity and the emotional intelligence required to think strategically and drive transformation and change at every level of organisational life. This capacity is key for all leaders engaging in the modern turbulent environment, where they have a role in innovating organisational culture and shaping the future of their businesses.

During the programme, we focus both on horizontal development - working on human diversity and building on strengths and needs - and on vertical development - appreciating how individuals and cultures mature their meaning making capacity over time to deal with increasing complexity and turbulence in their environments. This provides a whole new perspective to organisational leadership, enabling managers to identify the root causes of problems and dysfunctions and to address them more easily by managing higher levels of diversity, uncertainty and ambiguity.

Participants can expect to:

  • Increase their capacity to understand personal values, bias and blind-spots in making decisions
  • Improve their awareness of their core psychological needs and of how to stay energised through periods of intense pressure or crisis
  • Improve their relationships with their key stakeholders and teams
  • Learn how to look at individual and organisational life from a developmental perspective, identifying the best ways to facilitate lasting change, increase performance and deliver results


The programme is delivered virtually by our global cohort of trainers, all of them with managerial experience as well as experience as consultants and coaches in diverse industrial and cultural environments.

There are 5 modules spread over 9 months:

  1. Leadership Discovery (16 hours)
  2. Leadership Expansion (16 hours)
  3. Leadership Transformation (16 hours)
  4. Leadership Ignition (16 hours)
  5. Leadership Integration (8 hours)

In addition, participants are invited to:

  • Attend an initial Kick Off call: 1h of synchronous learning
  • Engage in completing:
    o   An Insightful Leader 360i feedback: 0.5h of asynchronous learning
    o   A Process Communication Model questionnaire: 0.5h of asynchronous learning
    o   A Leadership Development Profile assessment: 2h of asynchronous learning
  • Attend 4 x 1h individual conversations with a faculty member throughout the programme: 4h of synchronous learning
  • Hold ongoing feedback conversations with their key stakeholders: about 8h of asynchronous learning
  • Access MyQuest and maintain a leadership journal throughout the programme: about 6h of asynchronous learning
  • Write a final reflective assignment about their learning journey: about 4h of asynchronous learning

The total amount of time invested is therefore about 10-11 hours per month.

Modules 1, 2, 3, and 4 can be purchased separately.

Participants attending the whole programme will be awarded with our Certificate in Evolutionary Leadership.

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