Leading Clients, Leading People

Become a Lawyer who Engages, Inspires and Motivates

About this Programme

The old styles of leadership are no longer working in today’s context with the new generation of lawyers. 

This programme has been designed specifically for lawyers to help you develop your own leadership style, enabling you to lead both clients and people effectively.

Leading Clients, Leading People centres around relational leadership utilising a coaching methodology. Adopting a different style of leadership will enable you to engage, inspire and motivate your people and your clients, strengthening both relationships and performance. 

Our intention is to give you a solid foundation to lead in your firm and in your career.

This programme is being co-delivered with PSFI, one of the largest and most experienced teams of specialist practitioners in the professional service firms market.

What to expect

This highly practical programme is designed for high potential, emerging leaders in law firms.

Leading Clients, Leading People will introduce you to a different style of leadership and provide you with a range of practical methodologies, tools and techniques which will:

  • Increase your personal effectiveness
  • Liberate your time to do what is important
  • Build stronger client relationships
  • Create ownership and responsibility in your team members
  • Deliver higher levels of engagement
  • Enable innovation
  • Leverage diversity
  • Harness the performance and potential of your practice

During the programme, you'll have the opportunity to practice your skills, develop your confidence and competence.

Each cohort is limited to 16 people to enable effective discussion and collaboration. You'll gain a new network of peers and be able to share best practice across different law firms.


The Leading Clients, Leading People programme comprises of an initial kick off session followed by six virtual three-hour taught modules, which take place over 6 weeks.

Module 1: Sustaining High Performance 

  • Why and what is coaching? 
  • Deconstructing coaching as a style
  • Understanding how to sustain your own and others high performance using the Diamond Model

Module 2: Building Capability

  • The Inner Game
  • Essential coaching skills: questioning & listening
  • Developing self-awareness of personal strengths & areas of growth

Module 3: Gaining Commitment

  • Formal & informal contracting
  • Blind coaching
  • Structuring a coaching conversation using the GROW model

Module 4: Raising Performance

  • Examining the causes of under performance
  • The role of confidence, capability, capacity, clarity and communication
  • Managing difficult conversations

Module 5: Transforming Client Conversations

  • Roles in client relationships
  • Building trusted relationships
  • Coaching your client

Module 6: Driving Engagement

  • The importance of engagement to productivity, motivation and retention
  • Understanding yourself and your motivation profile
  • Sharpening the saw – learning how to coach in depth – exploring feelings, behaviours, assumptions, mindsets and beliefs

At the end of each module you will be set a practical task to embed your learning prior to the next session. Additional reading resources will also be available before and after each module through MyQuest.

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